Last year, INFOR embarked on a strategic planning exercise with the help of a consultant, stakeholders, board members and staff members. Throughout the many sessions and meetings, we discussed INFOR’s purpose as well as short- and long-term goals. Here is a breakdown of our philosophy (vision statement, mission statement, mandate and values):



Our vision is a future where New Brunswick citizens have easy access to reliable information concerning our forests.


The mission of INFOR is to provide information services about New Brunswick Christmas tree, maple syrup and private woodlot industries.


INFOR accomplishes its mission by fulfilling the following mandate:

  1. Provide information, training, education, and consultation services.
  2. Keep up to date on changes in policies and regulations.
  3. Facilitate research projects.
  4. Establish partnerships and networks.
  5. Increase public awareness of the industry.
  6. Strengthen capacities of partner organizations.


The following values guide our decisions, actions and behaviour:

  1. All our decisions, actions and behaviours are based on: – Trust – Understanding – Teamwork – Cooperation – Mutual respect – Integrity – Transparency – Effective communication.
  2. We provide quality services.
  3. We provide accurate, up-to-date and reliable Information.
  4. We treat everyone equally and equitably.
  5. We take into consideration the mutual interests of stakeholders.
  6. We support sustainable management.
  7. We promote environmentally sustainable practices.
  8. We strive to make decisions by consensus.
  9. We collaborate and promote good relations with our partners.
  10. Our deliberations are confidential and we show solidarity with INFOR governance and management decisions.
  11. We communicate with partners and the public in the official language of their choice.


The need for information for primary forest producers has never been so strong. Everybody recognizes the value of education and is now conscious of the strategic importance of information.

The NB Christmas Tree Growers Association, the NB Maple Syrup Association and the NB Federation of Woodlot Owners joined forces with very strong support from the NB Department of Natural Resources in order to provide consulting services and promote the sustainable management of private woodlots.

INFOR was created in July 2001 and its name is a combination of INFORMATION and FORESTRY. A team is in place to provide access to the latest technical advice, along with education and training opportunities. Furthermore, the quality of the services will be reviewed on a regular basis to better serve the producers.